Sunday, March 20, 2016

You Decide

During the many talks I give on Buddhism to a non-Buddhist audience I'm asked some recurring questions.

        Why am I bald?

        Do I eat meat?

        Do I have a sex life? (Yes, I'm asked that question more often than one would think.)

        Why is the Buddha depicted as a fat man? (That's not the Buddha.)

        What's the biggest difference between Buddhism and Christianity?

I'm going to focus on the last question.

There are many difference between Buddhism and Christianity. Each time I'm asked that question I give one of many different answers. The answer depends on the audience and what has recently happened in my life.

Today, for this post, I'll share one answer.

Christianity will give you answers and instructions: does and do-nots. Buddhism does not offer that kind of direction.

Buddhism will tell you every action has a consequence. Buddhism will teach you to look to compassion and wisdom.

Always remember, Buddhism will tell you every action will have consequences.

As he lay dying, the Buddha advised us to, "Strive with earnestness."

You make your own decisions. Allow those decisions to be guided equally by compassion and wisdom. Know that any and all decisions will have one or more consequences.

You must make your own decisions. No one will make them for you.

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