Tuesday, March 15, 2016


To experience means to know facts exactly as they are. It is knowing [things] according to facts while completely abandoning your own fabrications. In our usual experience, facts are mixed up with thoughts in some way. Thus, pure [experience] is that to which no thoughtful discrimination is added—even by a hair's breath. This is truly experience just as it is.

The instant you see a color or hear a sound, for example, there is yet no thought that there is an activity of an exterior object, or even the thought that one is sensing it. Moreover, it is prior to any additional judgment of what that color or sound may be. In this way, pure experience is the same as direct experience.

When you directly experience the condition of your own consciousness, there is yet no subject or object, for knowing and the object of knowing are absolutely one. This is the most refined kind of experience.

---Researches Into Good, by Nishida Kitaro---

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