Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Noble Eightfold Path: Proper View (Understanding) - The First of the Two Wisdom Aspects of the Path

Proper View is the seeing of all things as they really are without the filters of opinion, belief, wish, want, or desire; everything as it is rather than as it appears to be.

An inquiring and analytical attitude is important in the practice of Proper View. The Buddha taught us not to rely on hearsay, tradition, or authority for Reality but to observe and judge the Truth in the light of our own unbiased and objective experience. The Buddha taught that just as a wise person does nor accept any metal that glitters as being gold on the advice of another, but to test its properties for themselves, even so, one should not accept what is heard or read without testing it by one's own experience.

Nonetheless, in seeking the Truth, one can do well to turn to the Teachings of the Buddha for guidance. This is the first step towards developing Proper View. One should listen to and study the Teachings of the Buddha and the explanations of qualified teachers. But listening to and reading about the Buddha's Teachings is not enough. One should also practice the Buddha's Teaching.

The Buddha said developing Proper View is similar to a blind person who has regained their sight and whose attitude towards things they used to like and dislike now changes because they can now see them accurately.

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