Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Noble Eightfold Path: Proper Thought (Resolve) - The Second of the Two Wisdom Aspects of the Path

Proper Thought means to avoid Craving and Ill Will, and to cultivate thoughts of Renunciation (giving up Attachment), Loving Kindness, and Compassion. Craving should be avoided because it can never be fully satisfied, leading to unwholesome actions. Thoughts of Renunciation remove Craving, while thoughts of Loving Kindness and Compassion remove Ill Will.

Thoughts influence one's words and actions. If one speaks or acts out of Greed or Anger, then one will speak or act wrongly and suffer consequently. It's necessary to purify one's thoughts if one really wishes to improve one's conduct. Proper Thought is knowing how to use the knowledge that we have for the benefit of oneself and others, for the benefit of all species and all things.

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