Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Middle Way

If people question you about principles, if they ask about being, reply with nonbeing; if they ask about nonbeing, reply with being. If they ask about the ordinary, reply with the holy; if they ask about the holy, reply with the ordinary,: the two paths are relative to each other, producing the principle of the middle way. As with one question and one answer, do the same for other questions, and you won't lose the principle.

If someone asks you what is called darkness, reply that light is the cause, darkness the condition: when light disappears, there is darkness. Darkness is revealed by light, light is revealed by darkness. Their coming and going are relative, creating the meaning of the middle way. Other questions are all like this.

Later on, when you are transmitting the teaching, pass it on in this way; do not lose the essence of the source.

---Hui-neng, in The Platform Sutra of Hui-neng---

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