Friday, February 12, 2016

A Proper Religion

Humanity needs a religion not for the reason of giving them a dream for their next life or providing dogmatic ideas to follow by the surrendering of their human intelligence and becoming a nuisance to their fellow human beings. A religion should be a reliable and reasonable method for people to live 'here and now' as cultured, understanding beings, while setting a wholesome example for others.

Many religions turn people's thoughts away from themselves towards a supreme being. Buddhism, on the other hand, directs humanity to search for peace inwards to the potentialities that lie within each.

Dharma (meaning 'to hold on') is not something a person searches for outside of themselves, because in the final analysis, Dharma is humanity and humanity is Dharma. Therefore, a proper religion, which is Dharma, is not something outside us that we acquire, but the cultivation and the realization of wisdom, compassion, and purity which we develop within ourselves.

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