Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Womb of the Earth

There is another bodhisattva mentioned in the Lotus Sutra, Earth Store (Kshitigarbha). Kshitigarbha means "womb or storehouse of the Earth." The Earth is very solid and contains and preserves many kinds of jewels. So this name describes the qualities of this bodhisattva: solid, long lasting, and preserving many virtues. Earth Store Bodhisattva represents a realm of action that is very much needed now. Earth Store has vowed that as long as the hells are not vacant he will not rest. He will not enter nirvana and enjoy being a Buddha. He will not stop working to lead all beings toward Buddhahood. Bodhisattva Earth Store is someone who vows to go to the darkest places of the universe in order to rescue those who are in the most desperate straits, the situations of greatest suffering. He has vowed to go to those places where there is no freedom, no democracy, no compassion or human dignity, where there is oppression, injustice, social inequality, and war. Hell is the place where Earth Store wants to go, because that is where the need for his help is greatest.

---Peaceful Action, Open Heart: Lessons from the Lotus Sutra, by Thich Naht Hanh---

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