Thursday, July 27, 2017

If Someone Asks, "What is Buddhism?" You Can Answer, "The Understanding and the Practice of the Eightfold Path."

1 . . . Proper View
            The Understanding Dukkha
            The Understanding the Origins of Dukkha
            The Understanding the Ending of Dukkha
            The Understanding the Path Leading to the Ending of Dukkha

2 . . . Proper Intention (sometimes translated as Proper Thought)
            The Intention of Renunciation of That Which Leads to the Unwholesome
            The Intention of Good Will
            The Intention of Harmlessness

3 . . . Proper Speech
            To Abstain from False Speech
            To Abstain from Slanderous Speech
            To Abstain from Harsh Speech
            To Abstain from Idle Chatter

4 . . . Proper Action
            To Abstain from Destroying Life
            To Abstain from Taking What is Not Freely Given
            To Abstain from Sexual Misconduct

5 . . . Proper Livelihood
            To One's Living By a Harmless Form of Livelihood
            To Not Earn One's Living by a Non-Harmless Form of Livelihood

6 . . . Proper Effort
            The Effort to Develop Wholesome States
            The Effort to Maintain Wholesome States
            The Effort to Retrain Unwholesome States
            The Effort to Abandon Unwholesome States

7 . . . Proper Mindfulness
            Mindful Contemplation of the Body
            Mindful Contemplation of Feeling
            Mindful Contemplation of the Mind
            Mindful Contemplation of Phenomena

8 . . . Proper Concentration
            The First Jhana*
            The Second Jhana
            The Third Jhana
            The Fourth Jhana

*Jhana is a meditative state of profound stillness and concentartion.

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