Monday, August 29, 2016

A Question From A Non-Buddhist


My religion forbids me to look into Buddhism or any other religion or philosophy. What should I do?


Don't look. You have to live with your conscience. I can't advise you to go against your conscience.

But, if your current religious tradition allows you to consider or to think, you should at least keep an open mind.

I prefer to live my life in freedom, not bending my beliefs to the whims of another. I have profound respect for each individual. I respect each person enough to support their choice of a religion or no religion.

If any of my students wish to seek or follow another religious tradition, they are very welcomed to make that decision. Why? I believe in freedom. There can be no true spiritual growth without freedom. And, if a student finds a better path, I hope they will share it with me.

That's why, I believe, children should never be forced down a religious path. Give them as much information as you are able, allow them to investigate, and let them choose for themselves.

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